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Any Good Word

Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of spiritual well being which he wishes to share in all that he writes.



So, what's the good word today? Any one will do. And although a good word may be one that is pleasant to the ear, it is from where it arises that truly makes it so. A good word is one that comes from the heart, or at the very least, passes through it on the way to the lips. It may be gentle, or it may be firm, but it is never hurtful or cruel. Good words are ones brimming with kindness and compassion; they relay feelings of comfort and wellbeing and can help increase these things in the world around us. Words possess power, and good words have the power to lighten spirits and brighten outlooks. They inspire and encourage. They can relieve the heaviness of a frown by providing an illuminating smile, and they can lead to inspired choices and heartfelt actions. Good words need not be many; sometimes all it takes to wield their power is saying the right word at the right time or speaking any good word at any time.

It is from the moment-to-moment awareness of the spirit -- the breath of God within, that good words come. We feel, we breathe, and we speak. All the thoughts, ideas, and emotions that arise in our minds turn into good words when we allow them first to pass through the loving light of the spirit in our hearts.

There are words of the not so good variety, coming from some not so good thoughts or emotions. These words also have power. They have the power to hurt and dismay. They insult. They deceive. They do so in ways that encourage others to speak and behave in hurtful ways or worse. These words may be the result of a tendency to desire control over others or to put ourselves above them, thinking that this will give us some kind of satisfaction, or reward us with feelings of power. But because these intentions do not produce any genuine good feelings, they, in the long run, fail. They bring satisfaction to no one. They reward no one. There are also some not so good words that may be the result of our own anger and impatience, and they too can do harm. And oftentimes we may find ourselves directing such words towards those who are closest to us. It is impossible to enjoy a real smile while hurting others with words, so it is very likely that we too will feel the hurt. But hurts fade in the presence of good words, which come from the natural state of love. In this light, the power of these not so good words is diminished. It dissipates and evaporates, while the power of good words increases and expands.

Words sometimes may need to be strong. We may be in a position, or find ourselves in a situation, where firm words are necessary to instruct or admonish. We also have opinions and may need to speak firmly to express and assert ourselves. But these words do not have to be hurtful or unkind. We just may have to take a moment to think and breathe, and with this breath let the good words come.



A good word can be in the form of a reply. We respond to calm words with calm words, and kind words with kind words. But there is nothing preventing us from responding to harsh words with calm words, and cruel words with kind words. We may sometimes want to respond to these not so good words with some unsavory ones of our own that may even be worse. We are often taken by surprise by someone's hurtful words, and we may feel the need to reply quickly in anger. We may sometimes find ourselves wishing to voice unkind words due to some minor disagreement or ongoing grudges. But these words never need to see the light of day if we simply remember to pause. We think, we breathe, and we guide our thoughts through the word processor of our hearts and rely on the auto-correct power of love. These options are always available whenever we feel the need to utter, or type, any discouraging word.


Good words can arise from the contemplation on the goodness and love within. They can also come from silence. Thoughts come and thoughts go, but no words are spoken. We listen to ourselves as we feel the powerful spirit of love.

We listen to others; we listen with kindness and patience. This is like speaking without words. It is our compassion and understanding that is speaking.

Being quiet, we hear our hearts beat and our hearts speak. Listening, we allow the spirit of love to continue showing itself. Then we speak.


Any Good Word

Any good word is one that brings a little peace to any situation, large or small. All good words possess this power. Good words are spoken with kindness and compassion. They comfort and extend encouragement and hope during difficult times. Good words are spoken with humility and gratitude. We acknowledge the love inside us and the love throughout the world, and for this we are indeed thankful. Our good words allow this love to continue flowing and expanding. So, what's the good word today? Any one will do. God speaks to the world through our good words.

© 2020 Paul K Francis