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Abraham & Pharaoh versus Abraham & Abimelech

Ab-raam Makes A Pact With Abimelech


Ab-raam & Sharree Meet The Southern King

This sequenced translation uses source material from the Masoretic, Samaritan and Dead Sea Scroll Torahs, and an Islamic hadith. Round brackets indicate differences in combined sources. Square brackets represent an interpolation. This account, by numbered verse, continues from, Stranger In A Strange Land (Abraham Leaves Haran - HubPages).

...(14) And when he came to be entering (his destination) he said to his woman Shar-ree, “See now, I reason that you are a beautiful woman to behold, (15) and when it happens that the (people) see you they will declare you as my woman. Then they will kill me for this, and preserve you. (16) Say now, you are my sister, so it may be well for me, moreover, in order that my soul be preserved on account of you.”

(17) So it came to be on Ab-raam's entry that the (people) saw the woman's very great beauty. (18) And the nobles saw her, then talked her up before the (king).

(19) And Ab-raam spoke concerning his woman, Shar-ree, “She-is my sister.”

And Abimelek, king of Gerar sent for Shar-ree, seizing her. (20) And the woman was taken into [the] (king's) house. (21) But he treated Ab-raam well for her sake.

(22) The king tried to lay his hand upon Shar-ree, but he was thwarted [for his hand locked up]. So he called on Shar-ree to pray for him, promising not to harm her. She obliged and he came to be cured. Then he repeated his action, only to be thwarted again, even worse than before. So he called on Shar-ree to pray for him a second time, promising not to harm her. Shar-ree invoked God again, so he was healed. (23) Then Yehovah struck (him), and his house, with great plagues according to the thing with Shar-ree; Ab-raam's wife.

(24) (The king) then called and told the bodyguard [who had brought Shar-ree to him], “You have brought no person to me, but have led in a demon!”

(25) Yet God came to Abimelek in a dream of-the night, and said to him, “Behold, death! Because of the woman which you have seized, and she-is married to a lord.”

(26) And Abimelek had not approached her.

Then he said, “Adonay, You will also slay the righteous nation? (27) Said he not to me, she-is my sister? And she even said to me herself, he is my brother. By the innocence of my heart, and the guiltlessness of my hands, this have I done.”

(28) And God said to him in [the] dream, “Indeed I am acknowledging that by the innocence of thy heart you did this. Furthermore, I also restrained you from sin unto Me. Therefore, on this basis, I did not permit you to touch her. (29) Now return the woman to the higher man, for he-is a prophet, and he shall intercede for you, and you shall be sustained. Yet if you will not return her, know that you die in death; you, and all who are unto thee.”

(30) And Abimelek arose early, nigh the break of day, and called all his subjects, and told them all of these things in their hearing. And the lesser men were overcome by dread.

(31) So (Abimelek) (called) Ab-raam (and) said to (him), (32) “Why have you done this to me? Why did you not make it known to me that she-is your wife? (33) What have you done to us? What sin did I to you, that thou hast brought on me, and on my kingdom, great sin? Deeds that ought not be done, thou hast done with me! (34) And why would you say; she is a sister to me, so I take her to me as my woman? (35) What did you look to that you did this thing?”

(36) And Ab-raam said, “Since I was afraid, because I said to myself, surely the fear of God is not in this place, and they will slay me on account of (some)thing; my woman!

(37) And she-is actually my sister, daughter of my father. However, [she is] not a daughter to my mother, and she came to be my woman. (38) So it came to be, since God caused me to wander from my father's house, and I said to her, this is your faithfulness that you shall do with me at all the place[s] which we shall come thence, avow he is my brother.”

(39) And Abimelek said, “Behold, my land [lies] before thee. Shack up where-it-is fine to thy eye.”

(40) To Shar-ree he said, “Look, I have given your brother one thousand in silver. Behold, he is to you a covering for the common perception to all that-be-with thee, and all beside.”

And thus was she vindicated.

(41) And he returned to him Shar-ree, his woman.

(42) “See now, your woman! Take her, and walk!”

(43) And on this account he ordered his lesser men. (44) And to him there came to be flock and herd, and asses, and slaves, and slavegirls, and donkeys, and she-asses, and camels. (45) And Abimelek took one thousand in silver, and flocks and herd, and slaves, and slavegirls, and appointed them to Ab-raam. (46) So they sent him away, and his woman, and all which was unto him, and Lot with him. (47) And Ab-raam interceded to God, and God healed Abimelek, and his woman, and his female slaves, and they could bring forth. (48) For (Yehovah-)(God) had restrained, restraining-greatly via the wombs, the house of Abimelek, because of the thing to Shar-ree, Ab-raam's woman.

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Gen.12:11-13: Abu Hurairah told how Ab-raam only lied three times in his life (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol.4,#577, 578). Twice for God, on account of his plan to attack the idols, and his defense. Thirdly, in this account.

Gen.20:12: This may mean that Haran was a half-brother to Ab-raam and Nachor. The term daughter may likely mean grand-daughter.

Abraham and Pharaoh versus Abraham and Abimelech

Oath At Beer-Sheba.

(49) And it came about, in the same period, that Abimelek, and Peekol, pendragon to his army, also spoke to Ab-raam, saying, “God is with thee in all that you do. (50) So now, you swear to me by God, here and now, that you will not deal falsely to me, and not with my son, and not with my descendants, but by kindness, since I have done to thee, [so] you shall do to me, and to the territory that you are dwelling in.”

(51) And Ab-raam said, “I do swear.”

(52) And Ab-raam reasoned with Abimelek concerning the occasion of the water of the spring, that which had been seized by Abimelek's citizens.

(53) And Abimelek said, “I have no knowledge of who did this thing, but neither did you make it known to me, and again, I have not heard of it until this day.”

(54) Then Ab-raam took of his flock and herd, setting them before Abimelek, so the pair cut a covenant. (55) And Ab-raam established seven ewes of the flock aside.

(56) And Abimelek said to Ab-raam, “What of these seven ewes, these which you established apart?”

(57) And he said, “That seven ewes you shall take from my hand, for which to be as testimony that I am digging the bore here.”

(58) Therefore, on these grounds, he called this place, Well-of [the] (Seven) (Oath) (Bore-Sheva), on account of how the pair took an oath there. (59) So they cut a covenant in Beer-Sheba, then Abimelek and, Peekol, pendragon, arose and they returned unto Palistium (Palestinian) territory.

(60) And Ab-raam, on planting to establish (the robust) tamarix (shade tree) in Beer-Sheba, he also called on the name of Yehovah, God of [The] Universe. (61) And (many) (abundant) days Ab-raam dwelt nomadically in Palistium territory.

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DSS/Sam. Gen.21:23-Gen.21:24: This is the legal claim for all those around Gaza of their own territory within modern Israel.

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