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A Prayer to George Floyd

Just a Brazilian that wants to spread love to the world. Nice to meet you!

A prayer to George Floyd:

Dear God, (or whatever makes sense to you - Universe, Lovely Consciousness, etc)

I am aware that if it was the moment for George Floyd to leave us it is because his mission on Earth is done. I know the world's essence is love and one person can only leave us after accomplishing his/her mission. I ask to enlighten his path with light and fulfilment. I thank You for George's case honoring a movement to stop a history of hatred and minorities discrimination. Now it is clear that humanity doesn't cope with that anymore. Thank You for that most of us can see clearly that violence is not the journey. I trust that in Your time we will be able not to witness cases like this anymore. Gratitude!


A prayer to George's family:

I Know it is painful and it seems unfair. Take your time with each step of the grief. Honor this man's memory and what he already represents in the history of humanity. Be assured about all that George would have contributed in the education of his daughter, as a loving dad, as a counselor, and as a provider. George would be the form in which God would irradiate His Love to his little daughter Gianna and to all his family. The divine source is intact so there will be other forms that Gianna will receive love, education, counseling, caring, and even money. All this will come to her from God. I pray so that the family's heart can shine again and emanate love. Gratitude!

A prayer to the police officers:

The mission to protect lives and make sure it is peaceful on the streets for the population is something beautiful. It is the mission chosen by God to you. How do I know that? I know because that is what is manifested in your life.

In the whole world there are criminals. We had cases in schools, in hospitals, in the politics, in the churches, in the NGOs and practically any type of institution. The institutions are formed by humans. Don't let any fact take from you the honor and the integrity to be a cop.

If you are a cop and you do your work with principles, certainly you have already added value to the society. That's a reason to be honored about. I pray that God can enlighten your hearts with love and power, especially in this moment that you are a target of hatred, so that you can keep your hearts fulfilled. Gratitude!

A prayer to the killer:

I ask God for comprehension to forgive the killers, just as God would do naturally. I ask God to empower me to create an intention just like His. The intention that they can transcend from the ignorance that tames their minds with illusion to love. I ask for comprehension that the killers have an intact love essence, so they will have their journey towards love, no matter how long it takes. I ask God to protect us and the killers from their sick minds.

For the readers to reflect on the prayers:

A Brazilian rapper, Criolo, says in one of his songs "if we are alive it is because the mission is not over". Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. and one of the greatest psychiatrists in America defends scientifically the same thesis: when we are born our life already has the end pre-determined. It is not a date but a group of missions that must be accomplished in this existence.

Dr. Hawkins also teaches us that life is eternal, even though the form is not, our essence is infinite. We can make an analogy that changing lives is like changing our clothes. Even so, the pain and suffering for the family in a moment like this is inevitable. If they don't pass through the grief process the suppressed emotion would cause even more pain in the future.

For the witnesses, ask yourselves: what is the emotion I felt when witnessing this? Anger? Compassion? Any emotion you felt was already inside of you. The event was just a trigger for you to observe the emotion. If you felt compassion and prayed for the victim and his family honoring their history, that is a blessing. If you felt anger that is a divine opportunity to stop and observe: how many times have I let others kill my dreams and my soul by believing in them? And by unconsciously believing I was inferior? How many times I, myself, have judged the color of my skin, my nationality, my sexuality, my profession? How many times have I believed Earth is hell? How many times have I seen men like a virus destroying everything?

Truth be said: there is suffering inside of us. The second truth is that all of us, even George's killer, have a loving essence intact, no matter what we do. It is like an atom where all the energy of love available in the universe is held inside of us. Even though our fogged up emotions make us feel and act in opposite ways to love sometimes, love is still there. Our journey as humans is to observe and connect with the love inside of us.

S.N. Goenka, a spiritual teacher word renowned for developing the 10 days Vipassana retreat with Buddha's teachings, tells us His history about Angulimala (

Angulimala was a killer that wanted to collect a thousand fingers from people he had killed. The 1.000th man he met for killing was the Buddha himself, but his heart was filled with love instead. The "ex-killer" goes around sharing the love and peace he had found for himself. However, he is attacked in the villages with stones and hatred. He just copes with that because he knows there is a price to pay for his past actions. This history is only a reminder that divine essence is intact even behind cruelty clouds and antichrist behaviors. Treating the oppressors with hatred is like fighting fire with fire. It is not a coincidence that Gandhi could defeat England with no violence. This is an invitation for you to observe your emotions and follow your journey with compassion.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


© 2020 Fernanda Alavrez Beltran

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