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A Song - Your Splendor Lord, Is A Matchless One

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days

Composer's Foreword

No one whether those who have passed through the world before or those on earth now has ever made something out of nothing.

The Lord however does this ompossimpo feat while creating the world as he created the world out of nothing.

This also is a song of praises to the Lord to show how great the Lord is.

Composed Song

1) You are the King of kings, you are the highest One

Your splendor oh Lord it's a matchless one

The world always tremble whenever you speak

'Cause your authority is a matchless one


The great Elohim...

2) When there was nothing, in existence Lord

You are already in existence Lord

You are unfathomable Lord Holiness is your throne

The great I am, that I am is you


If you are hungry Lord, you 'll tell no one Lord

For all animals whether on mountain tops

In the belly of seas and depth of oceans

Everyone of them belongs to you Lord


The great Elohim...

4) It is you oh Lord that can bring something

Out of nothing Lord for you 're great Elohim

Out of nothing oh Lord you 've created 'verything on earth

Be it visible or invisible things


The great Elohim...

5) Oh Jehovah, Jehovah: manifold are your works

They are numerous, I cannot fathom them

Forever you remain Lord, forever you remain King

Oh hallelujah, glory an' honour to you


The great Elohim...