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A Song - You will Have Heaven on Earth

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

It is being said in my area that some people are living "hell on earth".

Shakespeare in one of his books "A Midesummer Night's Dream" says of a lover who promises to "make heaven of hell", by dying on the hand of a lover.

By his word, he speaks of the possibility of converting hard situations to pleasant ones as long as his lover is beside him.

People who are also living hell on earth especially those living in the developing world because of several issues look forward to converting that untoward positions to a blissful ones.

To do this has been very difficult but we, Christians know that this can and would be achived when anyone has Christ in his or her life.

Therefore I have composed this song to show some of the things one will enjoy when one achieves this feat, having and living heaven on earth.

Trusting that these words would ginger some people's heart to move near Christ, pursuing him above every other things on earth.

Thank you.

Composed Song


You 'll have heaven on earth, when you have Jesus in you/2x


Heaven on earth is filled

With the Lord's righteousness

His peace and a deep joy

Sited in holy Ghost



Where there is heaven on earth

No trepidation nor fear

'Cause Jesus our master

Has conquered our fear



His promises our anchor

Though troubles be air we breath

He has said we should cheer up

For he hath 'vercome the world



Heart filled with heaven on earth

Is filled with Jesus love

God's power and of sound mind

Yea in the holy Ghost



The glory of the Lord God

Fills life filled with heav'n on earth

'Cause Jesus the glory of God

Is seen in the person's life



Oh my, oh my, Jesus

How sweet is thy name

Oh my, oh my Jesus

Giver of the heaven on earth



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