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A Song: To Resist the Devil

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



The modified chorus is one of the favourite songs of my late mother, Deaconess Felicia OlúwaShọlá. This song talks about the importance of the Holy Spirit in believers, he is the one that will help us to remain steadfast in faith, keeping us to the end of the race on earth so that no one will take our crown.

Be blessed as you go through.

Composed Song

Stanza 1

Oh ye brethren,

Know this very thing

That dark places of the world

Is full of cruelty

To scale through her

You sure need Holy Ghost

Which will guide and guard you into all righteousness


Oh ye brethren,...

Stanza 2

Oh ye brethren,

During the last days

You will see many signs

Pointing to his coming

For there 'll arise many false prophets

Who 'll go around deceiving many a one


Oh ye brethren,...

Stanza 3

Oh ye brethren

Know you 'll be hated for the name of Jesus

And be afflicted.

And some will be persecuted

And rejected for their very faith in the Lord Jesus Christ


Oh ye brethren,...

Stanza 4

Brethren also will hate one another

Betraying one another

'Cause of worldly things,

Iniquity shall abound greatly

And so love of many shall wax very cold


Oh ye brethren,

Stanza 5

Oh ye brethren

To endure all this you need to be filled up

With Holy Spirit,

It's when this happens that you 'll be able to

Resist the devil

And he 'll flee away from you


Oh ye brethren,

(The End)


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