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A Song - the Great Healer, Heal Me

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

It is always the Lord's desire to heal His own people because he doesn't want us to suffer.

Over the ages we have seen and heard of God's miraculous hands of healing touching different people all over the world, restoring health unto them.

Even those who have lost all hopes of receiving divine restoration to health have been visited by the great Healer.

I know that as long as the earth shall be in existence God will continue to intervene on people's health healing people spiritually and physically.

Therefore, I come up with this song for anyone passing through agonies because of ill health and because sometimes we all took I'll that when something like this happens, we shall not lose faith in Him but we shall rather look at the cross and Jesus who is our healer, trusting his words and pray to him so that he restored us to health.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) People have called, me an outcast

Saying there is, no one to take care of me Lord

Look down on me, heal my wound Lord

Touch my life Lord, place your hand of healing on me


The Great Healer...

2) I 've been called by, your name oh Lord

I 've repented, and turned from all my evil ways

Forgive me Lord, hear my prayers

Heal my life Lord, for I 've put all my trust in you


The Great Healer...

3) My Father and Lord, Let the Sun of Your righteousness with healings

Arise oh Lord, and shine on me

So that I 'll move from strength to strength on the earth


The Great Healer...

4) Let sickness be, far from me Lord

Bless my bread and the water that I have oh Lord

So that I will keep serving you

Praise your name as long as I live on this earth


The Great Healer...



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