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A Song: Praise God With Me

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God is awesome in all his ways, he is great in all his doings, he deserves our praises always because by him we are still living, and breathing. What he does for us cannot be quantified…

Composed Song

1) Glory/2x Oh glory Alleluia/3x

Everything in me will praise his name


To God alone…

2) Oh darling Lord

My heart is full of praises

To you oh Lord

For you are great in majesty

You are so big

Than heavens and earth combined

I bow to you oh God of heavens and earth


To God alone…

3) You are great God

Greater than the greatest ones

You 're so mighty

Mightier than the mightiest ones

You are so high

Higher than the highest ones

Yet you are loving and a caring Father


To God alone…

4) Blessed be you

God of God's and Lord of lords

Blessed be you

King of kings, the Holy One

Blessed be you

The beginning and ending

I 'll forever sing praise to you


To God alone…

(The End)