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A Song - Our God Is A Great God

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

Jehovah Lord is exceptionally unique among all the deities worshipped all over the world.

He does what is imposssible for his children and oversees all the affairs on earth therefore he sends rain and makes his sun to rise on evil and good (Matthew 5:45)

This great God deserves to be ever praised by the people of the world for his goodness towards all.

This song has been composed to praise this wondrous and great God.


Composed Song

1) The God who can never be predicted

Oh yes that is our God

The God who can never be limited

Oh that's the God I serve


Glorious God...

2) This God is compassionate and merciful

Forever His mercies endure

This God fills the earth an' heaven at once

Indeed He is a great God


Glorious God...

3) This God loves all inhabitants of the world

Therefore He sends His Son

To save is all from eternal doom

Indeed He is a loving God


Glorious God...

4) God's thought for all the children of His'

It's a perfect one

It's a thought of peace and that of love

To give is 'xpected end


Glorious God...

5) When passing through waters God's right there with us

They won't overflow us

When passing through fire God's right there with us

We won't be Burnes by it


Glorious God...

6) Our God is a mighty man in the battle

It's a winner at all times

With my all I will praise you my God

The mighty and great God


Glorious God...