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A Song: Occupy Till I Come

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Composer's Foreword

Occupy is said to mean investing. A person who is investing in something will protect what he is investing in by monitoring it and doing other things.

This is akin to what the Lord calls us all to. We have to protect the word and the faith delivered into our hands as we labor in the vineyard.

I have composed this song to remind us of what God has commissioned into our hands as believers.

Composed Song


Anyone who wants to bear,

Bea fruits in the Lord

Needs to occupy as Lord has commanded

You have to bear fruits that

Will pass the tests of times,

You 've got to occupy as the Lord has said



Do you want to drink from

From Jehovah's cistern

You 'll have to 'ccupy as the Lord has said

If you want to have more

Yea more of His blessings

You 'll have to 'ccupy as the Lord has said



Invest more in the Lord

So that you 'll have more from him

The followers of the Lord invest in Him now

For he is a faithful God

He is keeper of promises

He 'll not let your labor be unrewarded



You have to be faithful

Faithful unto the Lord

You have to be faithful till the Lord arrives

Everyone who is named

Named after the Lord

Is c'mmanded to be faithful till the Lord arrives



My brothers and sisters in Him

You should not be wearied

Even in doing good 'ven in the world

To all that comes your way

Especially the believers

Let's strive go do good 'ven to 'em



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