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A Song: No One Can Change What He Does

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



"A person who does not know the King does underestimate the power of the King" so goes the adage in my land.

Anyone who underestimates the king in the ancient days and flouts his others will be shown "yellow and red cards", to show he has crossed the boundaries he ought not to cross. If an earthly King can have such a great power and influence the king of kings has enormous power greater than that by which he does things on Earth whosoever he likes he promotes and none can stop the promotion whomsoever he likes the debase with nothing that can be done to change what he has done.

Thinking about this I have composed a short song to speak about God's uniqueness. I am trusting that the holy spirit will shed light on this so that it will have meaning on people's hearts globally. Thank you.

Composed Song

1) Whatever he does is perfect

Everything he does is faultless

For he's a perfect Being

There's no imperfectness in the Lord


What God has done he has done…

2) In great wisdom he has

Created the heaven and earth

And everything therein

They are perfectly created


What God has done he has done…

3) He is no respecter of men

He does whatever pleases him

Seas and oceans roar b'fore him

Before the king of the whole earth


What God has done he has done…

4) He is unchangeable changer

He is unquestionable one

He has none as instructor

Among angels nor c'lestial beings


What God has done he has done…

5) Whom he blesses none can curse

Whom he cursed none can bless

Whom he lifts none can pull down

Whom he pulls down none can lift up


What God has done he has done…

6) Remember me oh lord for good

Cause your face to shine On Me

For all My hope is in you

Great perfecter of imperfectionists


What God has done he has done…

(The end)