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A Song: No Fear, Jesus Is With Me

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



The world is full of Evil. The country which this composer is from about 3 years ago has been in the hands of the terrorists and what we were before now watching in movies and which we believed could only happen in advanced climes are now recurrent phenomena in my country.

Farmers will not go to farms, students are afraid of going to school, travelers could not travel again. Everything has been paralyzed in the country and we are only living by the grace of God. Having known this grace, through this grace I have received an insight daring my midnight watch to compose this song that wherever we may be on Earth Jesus is with us and he will always defend his own children.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1. I have run to different places

In search of salvation and rescue

But I 've doing no respite even for my soul

For those places 've no salvation


With Jesus there is salvation

2. The power of sin is the law

But this power has been broken

By the death of Christ, on the cross

Yea the cross at Calvary


With Jesus there is salvation

3. I don't have to fear sting of death again

Which is the Adamic nature of sin

For God Almighty, has given victory

Through the Lord Jesus Christ


With Jesus there is salvation

4. Jesus has ransom'd me from power of grave

He redeems me from death and grave

He has promised neither to leave my soul

Nor let me see corruption


With Jesus there is salvation

5. Anywhere on earth where I may find myself

This one thing I am very sure of

That Jehovah Elohim is there with me

Therefore I don't have to fear


With Jesus there is salvation

(The End)


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