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A Song: My Precious Friend Says, "The World is A Market Place"

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Composer's Foreword

Music and songs are being recommended by Psychologists to people especially those who are depressed.

This song is composed to show the love of Christ for me and believers all over the world. I believe those who love Christ will enjoy this song and it will uplift their souls and spirits.


Composed Song

1. My precious Friend

The Lord Jesus Christ

Has told me that the world

It's a market place


2. Everyone who goes

Even to the market place

Will never dare sleep there

My precious Friend has said


3. Everyone who goes

Yea to the market place

'll surely return to his abode

After business transactions


4. Oh prepare ye

Yea for your heavenly home

My friend and yea my Lord

Jesus has said to me


5. I am the Way

Yea the Only way

Leading back to your heav'nly home

Jesus has said to me


6. I 've given my life

Even for your life

To deliver you from sin

Jesus has said to me


7. Give me thy heart

My friend give me thy soul

This is my requirement

My Lord has said to me


8. When I am weak

My Friend comes to me

Counseling me to shake off

Weaknesses off my being


9. Oh! I cannot

Do any other thing

Than give my heart an' soul

Even to my Lord


10. I am for you

Now and ever more

My desire, my Pride

My Lord Jesus Christ



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