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A Song: My Creator, Arise to Help Me

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Everyone needs help on earth to make it. But some find it hard to get helpers therefore they will keep revolving around a focus.

It's a song of prayer beseeching God to arise and help us.

It is therefore a song that's useful for those who have been praying for a helper but can't find one, and those who need additional helpers to succeed in life.

We should know that Yahweh is the present help in the time of need and would help us.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) People are saying

They don't know from where

My help will come from Lord

Arise to help me Lord


Oh my Creator…

2) Enemies are gathered

Watching for when I 'll fall

By your righteous hand Lord

Uphold me lest I fall


Oh my Creator…

3) My life oh Lord is

A shadow of itself

Arise oh arise Lord

Arise to help me now


Oh my Creator…

4) I have looked around

There is none to help

Therefore I come to you Lord

Arise to help me now


Oh my Creator…

5) Without your help Lord

I can't forge ahead

My plea to you Lord is

Arise to help me now


Oh my Creator…

(The End)


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