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A Song - My Angel, Lead Me I Will Follow You

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Years back, I started composing songs for choirs and the Light Magazine... Lovers of music appreciate my work. The talent is being used here


Composer's Foreword

It is being said in my land that it is the person who knows the way that makes it in life. If one does not know the way or how others are making it, one would labor in vain.

Thinking about this, I composed this song of prayer to beseech the Lord to show me the right path to take to fulfilment in life.

Thank you

Composed Song

1) This world is habitation of wickedness

This world is full of darkness I need you Lord


2) Lord without you I won't know the way to follow

'Cause I'm a stranger on earth as all my fathers were


3) Strangers though have eyes but they cannot see well

Because they live as a blind man in the land


4) It is after strangers have lived long in the land

That they 'll know their rights even from their lefts


5) Irrespective of how long we live on earth

Yet we 're strangers and as blind that gropes in dark


6) More than ever Lord I need you in my life

For I want to succeed in my journey on earth


7) I 've wandered in the darkness of the world far too long

Therefore, Lord, I beseech thee to come to me


8) Command Lord your angels to go ahead of me

Silencing all enemies and my antagonizers


9) I beseech you Lord let your angels go before me

Removing mountains and leveling valleys before me


10) My Lord and my God smoothen rough paths before me

Open windows of heaven rain your blessings on me


11) I am before you oh Lord visit my life

Take me out of shadow of death put me in path of life