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A Song - Lord, Help Me To Succeed On Earth

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

After my midnight prayers, "I lay me down to sleep" and in my sleep I started hearing the wordings of this song... I quickly record the wordings and add flesh to it now to make it a complete song.

It is a song of prayers, asking that the Lord remembers me as well as all others all over the world who are looking unto God for remembrance to bless me (us) as he has blessed Abraham.

Blessings are numerous unlike how the people in the part of my world view it in the terms of money alone.... On everything that one is looking into God for, when God answers those prayers it is a blessing.

For many in the part of the world that this composer's hail from because of poverty that is rampant due to bad leadership, our focus is on money....

However for those looking for husbands, wives, fruit of the womb like Sarah and Hannah, restoration of health etc when such prayers are answered they are blessings.

And for those whose request are many this song is also for them because God through Jesus has promised to answer all prayers.

It is my belief that when we join in singing this song, we shall receive God's overflowing blessings in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) Oh Yahweh, I am that I am

You are the one who called Abraham

Out of his kindred and nation

Leading him to a new settlement


Your assistance...

2) You promised to bless Abraham

This promise were fulfilled in his life

You entered covenant with him

Given him a sure name e'en on earth


Your assistance...

3) His long time tears you wiped away

By giving him a covenant child

You put a smile on his face

Yea everyone calls him blessed


Your assistance...

4) Through him all nations of the earth

Receive blessings from you Mighty God

'Cause you are covenant keeper

The God who can't deny himself


Your assistance...

5) Oh dear Lord I am heir of Abraham

I am a spiritual Israelite

Through Jesus Christ your only Son

I pray oh Lord bless me oh Lord


Your assistance...

6) Who you bless no one can curse

Bless me oh Lord for Jesus Christ sake

Your blessings add no sorrow

Visit me oh Lord in my low estate


Your assistance...

7) Transform my life Lord I pray thee

Bless me oh Lord for Jesus Christ sake

Lift me up oh my dear Lord

Bless me oh Lord I pray thee


Your assistance...