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A Song: Little Children, Come Here

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



God has never disappointed a man, and he won't disappoint anyone who trusts in him. Though things may not be as expected yet he will surely work things out for those who rely on him and especially those who are his children.

God as our father desires to comfort us, bless us, guide and guard us…. Knowing what is in his heart for us we would seek him more. This short song is composed to let us know a little of God's desire for us.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) Oh my little children

Crying not comforted

I 'll wipe all tears

Away from your eyes

Rest I 'll give unto you

If you 'll come to me

With me you won't be ashamed


Oh my little children…

2) Oh my little children

It's my desire

To lay my hands

Even on you

And to Carry you

Up on my arms

Raining my blessings on you


Oh my little children…

3) Oh my little children

Follow, I will lead you

Like shepherds do

Lead flocks in wilderness

I 'll set a table

Even before you

Your head I 'll anoint with Oil


Oh my little children….

4) Oh my little children

Do not weep again

For I 've heard your voice

I know what you want

Children I 'll answer you

Even in a large place

And you 'll ever glorify me


Oh my little children…

5) Oh my little children

Cleave fast unto me

Because without me

You can't do a thing

Make me your refuge

Your guide and your guard

And you won't be disappointed


Oh my little children…

(The End)


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