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A Song - Jesus Is Calling You

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Composer's Foreword

A woman, an itinerant gospeller, sings a song beside me few hours back bringing back to my memory an old tune. This tune I remembered I have used in composing this short song that Jesus is calling all on earth to Salvation and other good things that God has for mankind.

This is because in Christ dwells God's fullness, going to God through Christ we shall receive all the fullness of God's head.

It is my prayers that this new song be a blessing to all globally.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) You 've been pleading for mercy for long

He has heard you and bids you come


2) Always bear this in your mind

That with Christ nothing is 'mpossible


3) Take all your burdens to the Lord

'Cause only Him cares and cares for you


4) Thought of Christ for you is that of peace

To give you an end that you will love


5) Let Nothing weigh your heart down

To answer the call of Jesus Christ


6) Cast aside all heavy weights

And everything that can hinder your move to him


7) Now is the accepted day

Today is the day of salvation


8) Heed people oh heed this clarion call

Yield to the call of Jesus Christ


9) The Master is waiting for you

He's desirous of giving you a new life


10) Run to the Master while he's waiting for you

And accept a new life he's offering you



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