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A Song: It's the Lord's Decision

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



When some things happen on earth we marvel at the development, such keeps us wondering of what we have seen.

However reading the scripture like this that the race is neither to the swift nor the battle for the strong we view the incident in another dimension, believing that it's God at work and has done what pleases him among humans. May the Lord do unto us what will keep our enemies speechless in Jesus name. Amen.

Composed Song

Stanza 1

Under the sun I 've seen 'nother strange thing/2x

That sometimes fastest runner loses a race

And whosoever he helps will win a race


It's not of him that wills…

Stanza 2

Strongest warrior sometimes loses battle/2x

Thinking about this I 'm dumbfounded and confused

Then I ask for his mercy and of his grace


It's not of him that wills…

Stanza 3

The wise sometimes also goes a hungry/2x

Those educated may not lead successful lives

Except the Lord helps us we labor in vain


It's not of him that wills…

Stanza 4

The brilliant ones may-not be successful at all/2x

Because time and chance happen to 'veryone on earth

May we be at right place and at the right time


It's not of him that wills….

Stanza 5

No one ever knows when his time will be/2x

Let's keep trusting God doing the best we can do

For at the right time he will reward us


It's not of him that wills…

(The End)


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