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A Song: I Have Accepted Jesus As the Lord

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

I do not know the tonic solfa, however, I have been able to make use of the social medium called YouTube to record the tune for the chorus which could be found below.

The second line could also be changed to

"Satan has no place in my work/family/business etc." as the person is being moved by the Spirit while singing the song.

The Composed Song

Leader/Solo: In the past satan holds sway o'er me

Bringing confusions to my heart

And leading my heart astray

But that is not possible again


Leader: Sometimes ago I 've been oppressed

And grievously afflicted

By thr devil and his cohorts

'Cause I was yet in their cage


Leader: I 've once been heavily laden

Under the yoke of the devil

Having no hope even in the world

Out of all Christ delivered me


Leader: When I grope in the darkness

Of sin and iniquities

God 'xtends His mercies to me

By sendin' Jesus to die for me


Leader: When my health was failing me

That i looked frail and even fragile

The power in Jesus word

Heals me from my 'firmities


Leader: When i have no food at home

I remember'd Israelis manna

Then i called 'pon the name of God

And I received Divine supplies


Leader: Jesus Christ is my all in all

I want nothing apart from Him

For he is a wonderful father

Yea my all I have given him



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