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A Song: Holy Father, Yea, Holy God

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God is holy in all his ways, he is holy God who cannot behold iniquities, neither can any dirt nor spot be found on him. He is a spotless God who does mightily wondrous things in the world and in the lives of everyone who believes in Him. This holy God I am offering my praises to because he is mighty and should be mightily praised.

Composed Song

1) Everlasting Father of all

Creatures living on earth

You deserve all my praise

Elohim the greatest God


Holy father yea Holy God…

2) Image of invisible God

Firstborn of all creatures

Jesus Christ the Son of God

The alpha and Omega


Holy father yea Holy God…

3) By son things 're created

Visible and invisible things

Things 'bove on earth an' beneath

We're created by Him an' for him


Holy father yea Holy God…

4) Holy God who dwells in holiness

God who's perfect in all his ways

Heavenly Lord father of lights

Ancient of days Lord of glory


Holy father yea Holy God…

5) Holy God my father and Lord

Before Whom 'verything is plain

Receive my praises and worship

Mighty God oh mighty Lord


Holy father yea Holy God…

(The End)