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A Song: He Wiped My Tears Away

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



Thinking about the past, a few moments ago, how I have spent and being spent to ensure some people succeed in life, thinking life is a smooth ride. But when the table turned around and things went South for me and I was left with nothing, how I have been turned down by those I have helped, I became devastated.

While in this gloomy position losing hope and one of my agelong friends has insisted on seeing me, how I had initially wanted to avoid meeting him because of my position (which I thought should be higher and better). He however, insisted we meet. Meeting with him has been a blessing to me during this economic meltdown in my country.

Remembering this, I praise the name of the Lord for his wonders because sometimes the person one hopes would be there for a person wouldn't be there and a person one doesn't think of would come into the scene.

It's a miracle to me that still beats hollow my imagination. That's why God's ways are unpredictable.

God will never put his own people to shame, how he will do it is known to him alone. Let's keep trusting him.

I have composed this song to praise Messiah for his saving grace which cannot be limited. I hope someone will be blessed by this song.

Thank you.

Composed Song

Stanza 1

You are Special to me/2x

For you have been my Lord

You 've been there for me

I 'll always praise you Lord


Praising the Messiah…

Stanza 2

There is no one like you

No one matches you Lord

For you have been my crown

You have been my head

I 'll always worship you Lord


Praising the Messiah…

Stanza 3

It's you Only I see

In my afflictions an' my trials

For you 've been my comfort Lord

In your bosom oh Lord

I have always laid my head


Praising the Messiah…

Stanza 4

When I was forsaken

Rejected and was cast out

And cries have been my meal

Morning, noon and night

You 've wiped my tears away


Praising the Messiah…

Stanza 5

After wiping away

All the tears on my cheeks

You 've made me to lie down

In the green pastures

Satisfying my life with every good things


Praising the Messiah…

Stanza 6

What more can I say

Other than to give you glory

Oh, glory, glory, Lord

Hallelujah to you, praises to you

The Almighty God


Praising the Messiah…

(The End)


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