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A Song: Hasten to Save Me God

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



No one on Earth can save himself or herself from the hands of the enemies. Those who lie in secret watching our every move. It is the Lord who weighs the heart and knows the intents of the hearts of man that can save us from our enemies.

Having suffered from the hands of enemies and wicked ones those who appear like believers, sheep but who are serpents and wolves inhabiting the midst of the brethren, but was saved, I have composed this song of prayer so that people who are passing through similar thing would prayerfully look upward for their salvation from the Lord.

Composed Song

1) Deliver me Lord from them all

Who seek to hurt me

Let them be covered with shame

Who seek to hurt me


Hasten to save…

2) Let 'em who seek after my soul

Be turned back oh Lord

Let them be confounded Lord

Who lay in wait for me


Hasten to save…

3) I am poor and needy oh Lord

'Nto you I look always

Make haste to my side oh my God

To deliver me


Hasten to save…

4) Tarry not my father and Lord

To rescue my soul

From all those that wish me evil

Every now and then


Hasten to save…

5) Hear me speedily oh my God

For my spirit fails

Hide not your face from me God

For I trust in you


Hasten to save…

6) Put new song on my lips Lord

Songs of victory

Put new song on my lips Lord

Testimonial songs


Hasten to save…

(The End)


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