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A Song: Good Things

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



God owns good things. God is the giver of good things on earth. Whosoever he likes he bestows good things on them. However as promised to give good things to those who are steadfast in his vineyard, those who followed Him implicitly, totally, He promised not to withhold good things from them.

If you also follow God totally he will not withhold good things from you.

Composed Song

1) Obed-Edom you visited

Even in his very low estate

In the space of just three months oh Lord

You changed his life completely

2) God's Ark of the covenant

That inflicts suffering on some

Is the same Ark that brings blessings to those

People who feared an'honour you

3) The word of God is even sharp

Sharper than any two edged sword

Upon your word oh Lord I rely on

Let goodness an'mercy locate me

4) Oh my God oh my Lord

Daily I am walking b'fore you

Have mercy on me an' shower on me

Your bounties of goodness Lord



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