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A Song: God's Love Can't Be Quantified

Years back, I started composing songs for choirs and the Light Magazine... Lovers of music appreciate my work. The talent is being used here


Composer's Foreword

Many things on earth can be quantified, but God's love for humans especially believers in Christ Jesus can't be quantified. His love for humans has been expressed through his Son, Christ Jesus who has come to save humans from sins. In addition to this he has given us every other things freely because he does not want anyone to suffer.

While we were passing through turbulent times he is always pained to the marrow and would give it all it takes to deliver his own people. This is such a wonderful love which is beyond description.

Flashing back my heart to this suigeneris love of God for humans, I have composed this song to express his great love, believing that the song will also be blessings to believers all around the globe.

The link of the tune used is shared here for anyone who may want to sing along with me.


Composed Song


By your love, I have been rescued

By those angels given charge o'er me

They have brought me out from pits of enemies

What else can I do, than to praise your name



It's by your special love for me

That your son, Jesus was manifested

To destroy the works of the devil in my life

Oh what a wonderful God you are to me



It's by the love you have for me

That I 've known your thoughts for me

Which are thoughts of peace but not of evil

It's by your special love that I 'll get to desired end



I can't quantify your love for me

'Cause when I was sick nigh unto death

Your mercy appeared with healings in its wings

And I have been restored back to health



By your love my life has been transformed

By your love my life has been changed

Oh your love is great it's unfathomable

I 'll ever bless, bless you oh Lord