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A Song: God's Joy Fills My Heart Daily

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



No one can know joy until one has Christ Jesus himself/herself. The joy associated with salvation cannot be underestimated. It is by this joy that believers have their being, live and grow. The joy that supersedes all understanding that fills our hearts makes the world marvel and by this joy history has it that many have been brought unto Christ for seeing the joy that believers demonstrate they also want to be part of, thence come to Christ.

This joy is the one in me which has neither limitations nor boundaries hence people marvel on seeing me, despite all the struggles I am passing through, despite some unpalatable situations I am experiencing demonstrating such joy with no expression of depression keeps them wondering wanting to know more about my God.

This kind of joy would become anyone's immediately such a one becomes God's through Christ Jesus.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) God's joy oh an overflowing joy

Like waters that overflow the land

Has overflown my heart with God's grace

Oh glory Lord hallow'd be your name


God's joy fills my heart everyday…

2) I 'll pipe pipes and rejoice with great joy

Blowing trumpet to pride the Holy One

Rending the earth with song of praises

To my Saviour great Lord and King


God's joy fills my heart everyday…

3) I 'll shout aloud for joy with loud voice

With different musical instruments

With harps, piano, tambourines and flute

I 'll rejoice with drums, guitar an' cymbals


God's joy fills my heart everyday…

4) The joy of the Lord is my strength

During adversity is my strength

During prosperity his Joy's my strength

His joy always beautifies me


God's joy fills my heart everyday…

5) There is joy in heaven 'cause of me

'Cause my name is in book of life

In Christ Jesus is my joy always

God's joy fills my heart everyday


God's joy fills my heart everyday…

(The End)