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A Song: God Shall Supply Your Needs

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



The economists say human's needs are insatiable. When we have something we shall graduate from that to desiring some other things. "Samuel Johnson once pointed out the more we know, the more we want."

The great news is that all of our needs and wants God knows and he is ever ready to provide them for us.

I have composed this short song to tell brethren that God himself will meet with all our desires because of the death and resurrection of his Son, Christ Jesus.

Thank you.

Composed Song

Stanza 1

Trust Him/2x He won't ever fail you

He loves those who completely rely on Him

He's our saviour yea our maker


Our God shall supply yea…

Stanza 2

The blessings of the Lord it makes rich

And no sorrow is even added to it

For he prospers those who delight in him


Our God shall supply yea…

Stanza 3

Our hearts would be sick 'cause of the deferred hope

But when God establishes our hearts' desire

The tree of Life in us is sprout up


Our God shall supply yea…

Stanza 4

You 'll be like a tree planted by the riverside

When God's treasures of heav'n are opened on you

For you 'll regularly be productive


Our God shall supply yea…

Stanza 5

Like a palm tree that is how you 'll flourish

Bringing forth fruits even in your old age

'Cause Lord's blessings add no sorrow


Our God shall supply yea…

(The End)


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