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A Song - God Has Elevated Me Where I Have Been Abased

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

OGUNDARE Pamilerin, Ado-ekiti, Nigeria

OGUNDARE Pamilerin, Ado-ekiti, Nigeria

Composer's Foreword

When one has not made it in my land people look down on the person and the bible also says as I paraphrased that no one wants to be a friend of those who are poor.

However when God answers one's prayers, one would be sought after at those places where they have been forsaken and rejected.

Thinking about this, I decide to put this simple words down into songs because we have read that such also happened to Jephthah in the bible.

The link of the tune used has been shared here.

Thank you.

Composed Song


Like Jephthah I have been casted out

By siblings and relatives

Family members have called me unworthy one

Indeed even in their midst



Sorrowfully I 've left my family

Even into places I never know

Not knowing what 'll happen to me

In my adventure in the new world



My adventure was not fun filled at all

'T was hectic full of ups and downs

Sometimes I don't know what steps again to take

'Cause I am wearied of life



When I thought all was over with me

You gently spoke to my heart

Thay you 've not started with me at all

And you 'll surprise me on earth



This word gives me rest I can't say

In you my savior and Lord

'Cause I know you will never lie

Whatever you say you 'll do



Gradually you started working with me

Putting my enemies to shame

And at place where I have been abased

I become sought after there



Oh! Glory! To my Maker and Lord

Who is turned my shame to glory

Almighty God Creator of heaven and earth

You 've exalted me greatly



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