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A Song: Glory to You Heavenly Lord

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



The God who is our maker deserves to be praised because he does wonders among the Children of men. This God is miraculous he is the God that cannot be compared with any god because he is good and he is an unchanging changer. I have composed this song to praise the name of Christ the Lord. Thank you.

Composed Song

1) Hallelujah oh lord

I 'll keep praising you

'Cause your love for mankind

Is so very great


All glory to...

2) The Lord who is able

To save mankind

Even to the uttermost

Parts of the universe


All glory to...

3) Unchanging changer

Father of fatherless ones

Hubby of the widows

Lord you deserve all praise


All glory to...

4) Unseen God of Heavens

Doing what could be seen

Your power is enormous

Lord I worship you


All glory to...

5) The Lord who rescues

His children from

The Valley of the death

Lord I'm blessing you


All glory to..m

6) Lord who services

Our body system

Saving us from sicknesses

By his special blood


All glory to...

7) Join me to praise him

All living souls

For he deserves all our praise

Now and Forevermore


All glory to...

(The End)


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