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A Song: Forgetting All That's Behind Me

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



To attain greater heights in life one needs to forget the pasts, things behind so as to attain what's in one's heart.

After attaining the position one perhaps has been dreaming of one also needs to forget those achievements to keep maintaining the status because what one needs to do to get to the top in some instances may be lower to what ones needs to maintain the new status.

I have composed this song to tell all aspiring new positions that such is attainable, though they may be down now they shouldn't be derailed nor be weighed down by the position they are in they should gather the pieces left together to rise to the top again.


Composed Song

1) I am ignoring the past achievements

So that k will be able to win more

Because without him I can't do a thing

I 'll keep giving my best


I fix my eyes on the set goal…

2) Like a little child that's learning to walk

Falls repeatedly but stands up again

Though my fall may occur repeatedly

Yet I know I 'll rise again


I fix my eyes on the set goal…

3) Like a man who fell down will look behind him

To know what has orchestrated the fall

I have also learned from my past failures

Now I 'm wiser than before


I fix my eyes on the set goal…

4) O my enemies rejoice not against me

'Cause you see me down because of my fall

Know assuredly that I will rise again

Yea my glory will surely shine


I fix my eyes on the set goal…

5) I will not allow 'nything to move me

Neither be shaken nor moved by circumstances

I 'll keep on shaking off all that's shakeables

Pressing on till I attain my goal


I fix my eyes in the set goal…

(The End)


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