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A Song: Extol Him

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Composer's Foreword

The body of the song is mimicked after a hymn, while the chorus is not. However, I have uploaded the tune of both and the link is shared here for lovers of music globally to benefit from.

Thank you.

Composed Song


Extol him oh, extol him/2x

Because he is the Lord over all the earth 'xtol him

1. Sing a psalm unto him

Sing to him m'lodious song

Praise Him with the timbrel

Praisd him with pleasant harp

'Cause Yahweh is our strength

He is our rock of defense

A great man in battle

Jehovah Tsikedenu


2. Blow thy trumpet in new moon

Blow thy flute at appointed days

Use your f'ngers on string 'nstruments

To give praiss to Him

Fod he is a God of peace

Who hath given us peace

He has given us peace

Incomparable peace


3. With dance offering extol him

Make a joyful noise unto him

Testify of his goodness

Amidst the congregation

Bless him oh bless his name

For his name is powerful

His name is glorious

The name above all names


4. He is the God of gods

He's the King of kings

He is the Lord of lords

Wonderful Father

I 'll bless you with all I have

With all my being I 'll extol Thee

For you are wonderful

My great deliverer


5. I implore all the saints

Beckoning to angels

That they all should join me

To praise and extol him

'Cause Yahweh is my hope

He's the Creator of the universe

He created visible

An' invisible things in it



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