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A Song: Everlasting Father of Lights

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



God the Father of lights from whom we all get lights that we use on Earth. All the inspiration that many people have to construct a thing or another, to make new innovation they are lights shared on to them by the father of lights.

Composed Song

1) Ev'rlasting Father of lights

The glorious one above

I will forever bless your holy name

For you are the greatest one

2) Ev'rlasting Father of lights

The one whose only name

Is the strongest tower ever known

Buy righteous ones on Earth

3) Ev'rlasting Father of lights

That's full of Mercy and Grace

Whose compassion can't be compared

With any being nor gods

4) Ev'rlasting Father of lights

With whom there is no darkness

In his light the righteous people

Have also gotten lights

5) Ev'rlasting Father of lights

With whom there is no ambiguity

His words are plain yeah they 're simple

Making wise the simple ones

6) Ev'rlasting Father of lights

Before whom Angels bow

I also bow to worship you

My God my Lord an' Savior

(The end)


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