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A Song - Do Not Let Me Labor In Vain Again

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

Sometimes we work, put all our human efforts into the work but receive no result and at times when there is result we cannot compare it to our input into the work.

When the output is neither the same nor higher than the output it means we are running at a loss.

This happens to many either in secular works or spiritual works

A determined mind would continue this for a while but on many occasions depression might set in due to heaviness of heart.

Some people by this may outrightly back out.

I therefore want us to know that it happened to ancients of old and they were later visited by God.

God will equally visit you and I if we can continue with prayers in what we are doing bringing back to us all the years we have lost.

This song is a song of prayer to Yahweh, I hope you are blessed by the song.

Thank you.


Composed Song

1) All the works of my hand oh Lord

Have not yielded fruits for me

This daily is a pain of heart to me

Intervene in my plight oh Lord


Don't let me...

2) I have tried all the best I could

To change story of my life

That I labor not in vain again

But all my efforts turn'd to nothing


Don't let me...

3) With all my heart Lord I have loved you

Everyday I desire you Lord

This sorrow of my heart oh Lord

Remove it and change my story


Don't let me...

4) This' my cry oh my Lord help me

Have mercy upon me Lord

Don't let me spend my strength for nought again

Jehovah Jireh come to my aid


Don't let me...

5) Before I was born you know me oh Lord

When in the womb you have called my name

I present my case before you great Judge

Vindicate me oh Lord b'fore enemies


Don't let me...

6) Put a smile across my face Lord

By you blessing the works of my hand

Oh Lord let me start to reap

The fruits of my labor on earth


Don't let me...

7) I am yours oh Lord I am yours

From my childhood I have been yours Lord

Bless my handiwork God of universe

Make all know that you 've bless'd me Lord


Don't let me...



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