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A Song - Come, Let Us Praise the Lord

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

Tu church of the living God needs to praise God more than ever before because of the grace he has bequeathed on us to keep going in this world of sin full of temptations and trials.

High praises of the Lord God enmeshed on new songs should always fill our mouths.

Thinking about his grace that has been keeping me theothr trials, temptations, I have composed this song to praise and exalt his Holy name.

It is my prayer that believers be blessed by this word of praises to our Christ and His God in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you.


Composed Song

1) Let all the called of the Lord

The chosen ones of the Lord

Yea the elected of the Lord

Bless and praise his Majesty


Come let us...

2) Let those called to be apostles

Bless the name of our Redeemer

For he gives himself a ransom

That all may be saved on earth


Come let us...

3) Those who are called to be prophets

Should praise the Spirit of prophets

The Holy Ghost the great revealer

For guiding the church of God


Come let us...

4) Let those called to be evangelists

Praise the Holy Spirit of God

Who gives 'em mouth that enemies

Can't withstand nor stand against


Come let us...

5) Let those who 're in office of Pastors

Adore and bow to the Great Shepherd

Who is leading flock of his children

To where they 'll find green pastures


Come let us...

6) Let teachers of the word of God

Praise the greatest of all teachers

Out of whose cistern they draw out

To give unto the students


Come let us...

7) Oh ye church of the living God

Praise Christ who's the head of the church

Who is saviour of the body of the Lord

Praise Him for His endless grace


Come let us...

8) Ye elders of the living church

Give praises to the chief of all elders

Who has count'd you worthy of his service

Praise Him for honour bestowed on you


Come let us...

9) Ye ushers of the house of God

Praise your God Savior's of humanity

For He's good yea his tender kindness

Ensure that forever and ever


Come let us

10) Believers on the Lord Jesus

Do not cease from praising your Savior's

For by His blood we have victory

Over sin, Satan and the world


Come let us...

11) Come let us praise the Lord

Let's give thanks unto Him

Come let's exalt his Holy name

For his mercies endure ever


Come let us..

12) Hallelu-Halleluiah

To the everlasting Father

I 'll keep on praising you Lord

For saving my soul from hell


Come let us...



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