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A Song: Believers in Christ Jesus, Let Us Leap Up and Rejoice


Years back, I started composing songs for choirs and the Light Magazine... Lovers of music appreciate my work. The talent is being used here


Composer’s Foreword:

If not for Jesus Christ some of us would have long been forgotten but because we have been saved by the blood of Christ Jesus we are yet alive today, standing strong in Him.

This wonderful savior who has done so much for us deserves our praises, therefore I have come up with this song to praise this wonderful savior for how he has always been there for us, believers.

The believers in him have found his name and blood to always be potent weapons that our arch-enemy and his cohorts cannot withstand.

I will be glad if you can join me to sing this song, whose tune’s link has been shared beneath.

Thank you.

A Song - Believers in Christ Jesus, Let Us Leap Up and Rejoice

The Composed Song


Oh glory halleluiah/2x

Jesus my Redeemer lives on

Oh glory halleluiah

Oh glory halleluiah/2x


Jesus has won the battle

Oh glory halleluiah

He has silenced the archenemy

Oh glory halleluiah

Praise the Lord oh ye brethren

Jesus silenced the archenemy




Satan though may be roaring

Yea like a wounded lion

Seeking for whom to devour

For that has been his main duty

But we have overcame him

By the Lamb’s blood that is special




Satan has no ground again

In the territories of the saved ones

‘Cause redeemed have been given

A name that’s above other names

We ‘ve been given the name of Jesus

Which is the name above other names




Oh ye children of Jesus

Washed an’ purified in the Holy Blood

Let us leap up and rejoice

Like a young Lamb that hears her mother bleat

For we have a Father that says

All power on earth an’ heaven b’long to Him




Yea oh yea, o my Jesus

I give glory and honor to you

I ‘ll continue to give you praise

Always blessing your holy name

Because you ‘ve given my life

A meaning a meaningless world





OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on July 30, 2021:

Thank you Pamela for your comment.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 30, 2021:

This is another good song to praise our Lord Jesus Christ, Oglusegun.

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