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A Song: Be Anxious for Nothing

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



We all at a time or another becomes anxious about some things and events in the world. Jesus however admonishes that we shouldn't be anxious because he knows all about us and would meet with those needs only of we can cast all of our burdens on Him.

Those things troubling your heart, cast all upon the Lord in prayers and we shall see God at work there.

However, when we shall see him at work may not be the time we want, yet he is going to work and when he starts working the time of his working would be perfect.

Trust that God will minister to hearts through this composed song.

Thank you.

Composed Song

Stanza 1

There is nothing we can do

By being 'vertly anxious

Anxious heart is weighed down

A kind word cheers him up


Be Anxious for nothing …

Stanza 2

Neither fears of today

Nor worries of tomorrow

Should separate us all

From the expressed God's love


Be Anxious for nothing…

Stanza 3

God wants us to be free

From all forms of anxieties

Therefore he hasn't given us

The spirit of fear but of Love


Be Anxious for nothing….

Stanza 4

Cast your anxieties upon him

Because he so much cares for you

When you cry for help he will hear

And deliver you from all troubles


Be Anxious for nothing…

Stanza 5

The Lord will ever be with you

Yea the Lord of peace won't leave you

He will give you peace at all times

Also in every of your ways


Be Anxious for nothing …

Stanza 6

Shake anxiety off your spirit

With confidence say this

The Lord is my helper

I won't be afraid of mere mortals


Be Anxious for nothing …

(The End)


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