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A Song - Almighty Father, I Rely On You

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

When we have been forsaken by peers, friends and family members and we are in dire need of assistance, the only person to turn to is God for he will never turn down.

Though our lives may be far from what we have hoped for yet we need not lose hope, we need to return to God in prayers and in faith and we shall not be disappointed.

I have come up with this song for anyone who is looking unto God for help....

Composed Song

1) For a very long time

I 've been struggling Lord

Come to my aid Lord

Salvage my soul Lord


Almighty Father...

2) All of my friends Lord

Have deserted me Lord

'Cause I do not have

What all my peers have


Almighty Father...

3) Like a rag have I

Been casted out by

Families and my friends

I am useless they say


Almighty Father...

4) My life is a mirage

Of what I have hoped for

Without you my Lord

I 'll die in this position


Almighty Father...

5) Time is going Lord

Time is everything

In your mercy oh Lord

Visit and help me Lord


Almighty Father...

6) Put a smile on my face

Let me laugh again

Change my story Lord

Give me new song to sing


Almighty Father...



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