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A Song: A Touch by Him

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



The Holy Book is full of touches of the Lord. When the Lord touches lives the life touched would never remain the same for the life will be transformed into a better one.

You have been at a position for a while, and may have lost hope, all you need is His'touch as he did to people of faith in the Bible.

He is a great changer who still changes the lives of people till now, be assured that as you continue to rely on him, he won't disappoint you, he will surely change your life.

The song is composed to show ginger our faith.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) He touched Abraham

His life was changed

He turned him to

Father of Nations


Magnificent Changer…

2) He touched Sarah

Quickened her womb

Fulfilling his promises

'Nto her at old age


Magnificent Changer…

3) The widow of Nain

Was touched by Jesus

Her only son

Was brought back to life


Magnificent Changer…

4) The man that's born blind

Was touched by Jesus

He wash'd at Siloam pool

An' his sight was restored


Magnificent Changer…

5) At the beautiful gate

Lame man begs for Alms

But when his life was touched

He rises up to walk


Magnificent Changer…

6) The God of change

Is a miracle worker

When he touches you

He 'll change your life


Magnificent Changer…

(The End)


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