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A Powerful Lesson to Learn From Holy Week

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, former newspaper columnist, licensed/ordained minister, and founder of two outreach ministries.

He is risen indeed

He is risen indeed

The Gospels concur

One specific event that took place in the life of Jesus is confirmed by all 4 Gospel writers. In Matthew 21:1–11, Mark 11:1–11, Luke 19:28–44, and John 12:12–19,, are told that Jesus descends from the Mount of Olives and heads towards Jerusalem riding on a donkey and her colt.. The crowds become excited and lay their clothes on the ground to welcome Him as He triumphantly enters the Holy City. The people also place palm branches before Him and shout "Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord". These individuals are excited to see Jesus coming in this manner and some believed He was going to set up His kingdom and get rid of the Roman rule. This takes place on the first day of the week and is observed today as Palm Sunday. The people who were hailing Jesus as King were obviously not His enemies, who happened to be the Pharisees and the Sadducees who were the Jewish leaders,.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

The script is flipped

Less than one week later all 4 Gospel writers agree on another event. In Matthew 27:16-26, Mark 15:7-15, Luke 23L18-25, and John 18:40, there are people shouting "Crucify Him,” after he was resurrected. There are 2 aspects of this situation where there is much disagreement. They are the day ion which everything took place, and the identity of the individuals in this crowd and of people. Traditionally it has been held that the Last Supper took place on Thursday night and that is when Jesus was arrested, He crucified the following day on what is known as Good Friday. In recent years some scholars have said this timeline is not correct. There are those who believe the Crucifixion took place on Thursday and others who indicate that it was Wednesday based on Jewish customs and the calendar used at that time. This brings us to the second disagreement, which is who was in the mob that was calling for Jesus to die. I have listened to pastors tell congregations that the same people who sang Hosanna on Sunday, wanted Him dead by the end of the week. There are other preachers, however, who say that those who loved Jesus and hailed Him as King were not in the crowd who yelled: "Crucify Him." The line of thinking behind this is that his enemies which were the religious leaders were the ones who wanted Him killed. It is believed that these men who hated Jesus invited the mob to seek crucifixion but there is no way we will ever know for certain. iHuman nature however, may give us a clue.

The crowd mentality

I can recall being a young girl and playing with various friends. We would be getting along very well until other girls showed up. Suddenly the person I had been playing with would join in with those who teased me. I have seen this happen with others who become a target whenever there is a crowd. It is certainly possible that some who were not truly followers of Christ got caught up in the excitement of the crowd hailing Him as King and then later in the week followed the mob that desired to end his life. This cannot be proven or disproven but there is a powerful revelation that comes out of this situation.

The tomb is empty.

The tomb is empty.

Just the facts

We know that Palm Sunday is accurate and that Christ was crucified some time during what is known as Holy Week. People will disagree on the date of the Last Supper, Crucifixion, and even the Ressurection until He returns. Yes, there are scholars who say He did not rise from the grave at Sunrise on Sunday morning as tradition has taught because the bible only says the women went to the tomb very early on the first day of the week. These individuals believe He actually rose on Saturday night, because from Friday until Sunday morning is not 3 actual days and nights. What is most important in all of this is that He conquered death just as He said He would. He is risen, Indeed Christ is risen, He is risen indeed. This is the powerful revelation from all that took place between the Sunday of the Palms and the moment He got up with all power, all authority in heaven and earth in His Hands and conquered death and the grave. Every event, no matter which day they occurred on led to the brutal crucifixion and the glory of His Resurrection. THE TOMB IS EMPTY! When you encounter those who desire to debate remind them that there is an empty grave that proves He lives, case closed.

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Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on March 02, 2021:

Thanks Peggy for reading.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 02, 2021:

The gist of the main story is the same. You made some valid points about how crowds can change, etc.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 02, 2021:

I agree that "He lives, case closed". I don't care about the timeframe but only the fact that it occurred. This is an interesting article, Cheryl, and I understand what you mean about the impact of a crowd,

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