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A Man Who Serves

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Pay Close Attention to Details of a Man Who Serves

If you're waiting for a man to marry someday, pray for a man who serves. A man who serves, with pure intention, is a man who has the heart of God. He sees what's wrong and he acts upon it. He puts others above himself and he makes serving God a beautiful lifelong calling to fulfill.

Never underestimate the ability to pay close attention to the details of a man who serves. He might not always be about the grandeur things, but he is always present for those little acts of love that build up the foundation of your relationship. If you're sick, he will be there with the tablets of medicine and a hot porridge to make sure you'll be well. If you're about to perform on stage, he will be there in the background covering you in prayers and encouragement. If you're in need of help, will be running straight to where you are and making sure you will not feel alone. Whether it's just for killing a flying cockroach at home or doing a research paper together. If you're about to give up, he will be there to hold your hands and remind you that God is in control. His love will make you believe that there is a God who loves you unconditionally. He loves you but he loves God more and that makes you feel secure.


Loving People Right Where They Are

A man who serves is a man of compassion and kindness. He finds joy in taking care of others and giving them things he received from God first. He loves sharing his life with those who are in need. He gives even before he is asked to do so. He blesses others with his words and actions. He doesn't crave attention or recognition. He finds fulfillment in knowing that he was able to point others to Christ by giving them what he has and that's more than enough.

He doesn't need a platform to serve. For him, true influence doesn't come from a position. He doesn't need a crowd and a stage in order to speak life. He believes that impacting the lives of others doesn't need to be loud and catch some massive attention. True influence happens when you decide to be who God called you to be, even when you are also in the most uncomfortable circumstance, and do just that. Loving people right where they are.


He Never Stops Running After God

A man who serves never stops. He never stops running after God for leadership and guidance. His agenda will always be God's agenda. He never stops asking God, "Father, what's next? How can I serve you more?" This is his true form of worship: to use his life as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. He will spend his whole life singing about the Love that served him first. The love that brought him back from the wilderness. The love that set him free and the love that showed him what true sacrifice means.

A man who serves is a man who can lead a broken woman back to the arms of the One who can only make her whole again. He doesn't promise the beauty of tomorrow, but he stays until you find the joy of just being together in sickness and in health, in painful endings and new beginnings, in waiting and finally moving.

Dear waiting women, pray for a man who serves, and you will be genuinely pursued for the rest of your life. Say yes to him and you will find your life never lacing but always giving, always full of blessings, and always flourishing.


Bible Verse

Mark 10:45

"For even the Son of Man did come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

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