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A Hymn: Trust Not a Friend

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days

Composer’s Foreword

I am not good in notes, but from the local church trainings while in choir, I have come around with this hymn using another hymn. If you know the hymn beneath, then you can join me to sing this song unto the Lord.

He will answer every prayer by MFMLekkiYC Choir [JUNE 24th 2018]


The video song is not exactly the tune of the composed song. Could not find the tune on YouTube.

1. Trust ye not ‘ven in a man

In this world that we live in

‘Cause the heart of man is hard

Trust ye in thy Lord

2. Trust ye not also in a friend

Nor put confidence in a guide

‘Cause the heart of man is deep

Trust ye in thy Lord

3. Shut thou the doors of thy mouth

Even from the one whose head

Hath been placed on thy bosom

Trust ye in thy Lord

4. Put not thy trust ‘ven in a man

Because those who are the sons

May dishonoreth their fathers

Trust ye in thy Lord

5. Trust in man is vanity

‘Cause those who ‘r even daughters

Could rise up ‘gainst their mothers

Trust ye in thy Lord

6. Yea even daughters in-law

Could rise against their mothers in-law

This is present in the world

Trust ye in thy Lord

7. Jesus and the prophets say

The enemies of every man

Are the men of his own house

Trust ye in thy Lord


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