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A Hymn: Strangers Shall Fade Away


Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days

Composer's Foreword

Praises to God who has given me another opportunity through this medium to reach the entire world with my God given talent.

The hymn I have mimicked in composing the song is as shared below and also from YouTube.

It is my desire that humanity and especially believers in Christ benefits from this talent as I have also benefited from others because the world becomes a beautiful place when we learn from one another.


In this part of the world strangers not invited are unwanted beings, and demons are not invited before troubling humans, therefore they have been said to be strangers when they affect,afflict and trouble humans. Therefore, the composed song is in the respect, that every thing troubling us we shall be healed and delivered from them all in Jesus name. Amen.

Remain blessed.

Composed Hymn

1. The strangers when they hear my voice

They shall obey even my voice

They shall submit 'selves unto me

'Cause I have the words of God


Jesus Christ is a great healer

He is a great deliverer

Everyone who goes unto him

Are healed and deliver'd by him.

2. The strangers shall also fade away

Fear shall grip them at their hidin' places

Hurriedly they shall leavethe place

'Cause I am standing on the rock


3. Demons of sickness have no place

To hide even in my body

Yea the demons of infirmities

They have been crushed by my Rock


4. The power that raised Jesus up

Have bequeath me the victory

For I am his even in him

Therefore, Satan has no pow'r o'er me


5. Who the son has given freedom

They are those who 're free indeed

The son has given me freedom

Yea I am free 'ven indeed


6. Those troubled and are afflicted

Come ye to Christ the Redeemer

Stay thou not off from the savior

Come now come all and be saved



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