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A Hymn: He Has Shown Thee

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer’s Foreword

I am not good in notes, but from the local church trainings while in choir, I have come around with this hymn using another hymn. If you know the hymn beneath, then you can join me to sing this song unto the Lord.

Come to the Savior Make No Delay (Joyful Joyful Will the Meeting Be)

The Composed Song

1. Because God hath loved even the world

So much so that he gave unto us

His one and only begotten son

That we may all be saved


It has even been shown unto man

The good thing that the Lord asketh for

From our hand and that’s repentance

And salvation of our hearts

2. If anyone will hear about Him

And he thinketh and he even turneth

Away from all the way of his sins

That person ‘ll not perish


3. Whomsoever believeth this Son of God

Who hears his words and does all his wills

It’s certain that he ‘ll also have life

Yea the eternal life


4. Oh thou my friend tarry ye no more

Hasten thyself even to turneth

Away from all thine ‘niquity ways

Believe in Jesus today


5. If thou will accept Jesus today

You ‘ll become apple of God’s eyes

And thy name even in book of life

Will never be erased


6. Thou should do truth and should show mercy

Walk in humility with your God

These are the things the Lord asketh for

From every human’s hand