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A Hymn: Grace of God Has Appeared


Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

I do not know tonic solfa, but having learned songs locally and remotely and discovering the talent in me, I decide to come with a workaround for my composed songs by using the known hymns from which I believe the tune used for my works would be deduced and could be modified by music loers and musicians globally while singing and or humming my composed works.

Trusting in the Lord that out shall equally benefit from this new work.


Composed Song

1. Grace of God has once appeared

Unto all men living on earth

Teaching all to turn away

From all forms of ungodliness

Praise Ye the Lord

2. Grace of God has once appeared

Telling us to shun profane words

And all forms of vain babblings

'Cause they tend toward ungodliness

Praise ye the Lord

3. Grace of God has once appeared

Instructing us to deny worldly lusts

Teaching all to live sob'rly

Righteously and godly in this world

Praise ye the Lord

4. Grace of God has once appeared

Telling us that the wrath of God

Is upon the lawless ones

The sinners and ungodly ones

Praise ye the Lord

5. Grace of God has once appeared

Asking us to embrace the truth

Righteousness and godliness

For this the Lord asketh of us

Praise ye the Lord


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