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10 Things That Will Not Be in Heaven

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

Heaven is so wonderful that it’s very hard for people on earth to understand what it will really be like. Because heaven is like nothing we have ever seen, the writer of the Book of Revelation describes heaven what will not be there as well as what will b there. The last two chapters of Revelation tell us exactly what will not be there.

1. No Sea

There are ponds, rivers, oceans and seas all over the earth. When you think about those bodies of water, you will soon realize that they divide and separate cities, towns, states, and countries. There will be no divisions or barriers of any kind in heaven. Revelation 21:1 assures us that we won't have to cross bridges or remove barriers to experience the greatness of heaven.

We have heard many stories about people drowning or being lost at sea. Also, many have lost their lives by being attacked by sea creatures. None of that happen in heaven because there will no more sea.

2. No Tears

Revelation 21:4 assures us that there will be no tears in heaven. There will be nothing there to upset us or to cause us pain. There will be no death to cause us grief or anything to bring on suffering of any kind.

We will never cry or hear anyone else crying again in heaven because there will be nothing to cry about. No situations or circumstances will come up to make us sad. Therefore, it is so important to witness to family, friends, and co-workers so they will be in heaven along with us. If there are not there, God will wipe them from our memory as if they never existed. This will keep us from being sad.

3. No Temple

There are temples, churches, synagogues, and religious assemblies all over the earth. Revelation 21:22 tells us there will be none of those in heaven. On earth, people go to places of their choice to worship. Unfortunately, some of those places claim to be better than the those down the street.

There are different denominations with various creeds, missions, and goals. Those different things indicate division among the churches. There will be divisions, separations or competition in heaven. There will be no church buildings in heaven for people to talk about God once or twice a week. We will be in the presence of God and we will be able to worship Him all the time without the pomp and circumstances that go on in modern-day churches.

4. No Sun or Moon

According to Revelation 21:23, heaven will have no sun or moon. We have them on earth because we are governed by time. There is no time in heaven. Also, the sun and the moon divide the day from night. There is no division of any kind in heaven.

Because there will be no sun, there will be no shadows. There will be no need for objects to give light because The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light and Lamb of God is its light that will keep heaven shining bright all the time.

5. No Locked Gates

There will be gates in heaven, but none of them will be locked at any time (Revelation 21:25). They won't need to be locked because there will be no thieves or robbers. Everyone and everything will be safe and secure and in perfect peace.

6. No NIght

On earth, we have 24 hours of daylight and 24 hours of darkness. There will be nothing dark in heaven. Nights will not exist. No darkness also means no ignorance. No one will be dumb or illiterate It has been said that the smallest child will know more about God in heaven than the most learned theologian knows about God on earth. No night also means there will be no spiritual darkness. Everyone will know the same thing about everything (Revelation 21:25).

7. No Sin

There will be nothing sinful in heaven. Heaven will not be tainted by any sinful act, cause or effect. It will be impossible to think a sinful thought, speak a sinful word or to perform any sinful deeds, according to Revelation 21:27. Sin will be nonexistent in heaven.

8. No Curse

According to Revelation 22:3, there will be no more curses imposed by men and women, but there will be no more curses put on people by the environment. Jesus became a cure for us when He died for us on the cross (Galatians 3:13).

9. No Birthdays

It doesn't say in the Book of Revelation about birthdays, but according to Revelation 21:23, there is no sun or moon. As people know, the sun is always in the sky, but it shines only during the day. The moon is always in the sky, but it shines only at night. This rising and setting of the sun indicate a day. A day is a time period. There is no time in heaven.

Because there is no time in heaven, people will not age. In fact, they stopped aging at the very moment they stopped breathing. To die means to cease to live.

People post birthday wishes to deceased loved ones on social media. It is appropriate to do that and offer tributes to honor them on the date that would have been their birthday. However, they should not think their birthdays continue because that's impossible since there is no time in heaven. If a person died at the age of 37, he will never be 38.

Here is something to think about. Children who outlive their parents might eventually be older than their parents.

10. No Marriage

It is not recorded in the Book of Revelation that there is no marriage. However, it is recorded in three of the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. All three of those gospels clearly state that there will be no marriage in heaven.

There will be no marriage in heaven because there will no need to procreate. A marriage is a temporary institution of earth pleasure that fails in comparison to eternal intimacy with God. It is only for married couples. In heaven everybody, even singles will enjoy the intimate relationship of God that is a far greater improvement over any relationship on earth. An earthly marriage will not be missed in heaven because it will be replaced with something so much more superior.

  • No Birthdays in Heaven
    Those who have died can be honored and given tributes by you on earth, but there are no birthdays in heaven.
  • No Marriage in Heaven
    The Bible records many things that will not be in heaven. Marriage is one of the things that will not be there. God has the best in mind for everyone. Therefore, people should rejoice that there will be no marriage in heaven. When you read this artic