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When someone tells you they are sad, do you feel sad too?

When you have a lot of work to do, do you make a schedule and stick to it?

When you cook, do you always follow the recipe?

When people you know are having an argument, do they each come to you to vent?

When the group is discussing how to tackle a big project, you listen and think of a plan before speaking up.

Sometimes people tell me not to let the world's problems get to me so much.

People comment on how you put things together in a unique, imaginative way.

Even when you're giving negative feedback, you try to be nice about it.

When you encounter cruelty or injustice, you find a way to confront it.

When you're in a crowded place, you usually get overwhelmed.

When you're in the same room with other people, you can easily focus and not be distracted by the group.

When you're talking with friends, you don't mind having a point of view that nobody else shares. In fact, you like it.