What gives you the most inspiration when writing an article?


Trying to garner a sense of inspiration quickly I often do turn to things that my favourite authors have said whether it is through a quote, online interview or video. Finding something that one of them said about having faced a struggle but managing to overcome it often is something that will inspire me and motivate me to keep working. There are some other things that inspire and motivate me when I am writing an article.

I am usually the most inspired about an article when I am writing about something which I am very familiar with. I hate to use what may seem like a tired cliche, but when I am passionate about the topic I"m writing on, I write the article much quicker, feel that I have something to say that is unique, and the writing goes much more smoothly.

I can write on just about anything, and when I am getting paid to do so, I can do it quickly and skillfully. However, when writing about something I may not be quite as interested in, for Hubpages for example, where I get some small sum from rev share, it can seem like pulling teeth.

Despite this, there are times when I try to shake things up a bit, learn about something new or attempt to identify an area that is likely to be popular and receive a lot of organic traffic without having to worry about extensive marketing efforts. I am usually inspired to write about these topics as well, as I am hopeful they will generate continuous views and become a source of decent passive income.

Usually, the ones that actually serve this purpose are on topics that surprise me and not necessarily in my area. This means generating new ideas for articles in these areas is harder but when I identify a new idea for one of them that there seems to be a lot of basic information to go from and I have additional ideas to contribute to it to make it my own this also inspires me.

One other thing that I think as writers we often overlook when searching for inspiration is peers. Making sure I have at least one good online network that is made up of active participants so I can touch base with someone no matter when it is, I think is vital for inspiration. Hubpages is great for this and having the support of the other writers here has made a huge difference in the regularity of my publishing schedule.

I think inspiration largely comes from there being some reinforcement, which may be monetary, social, a sense of personal accomplishment, a sense of excitement about the work, and awards and recognition among other things. Having at least one thing that reinforces your writing I think is essential for maintaining a sense of inspiration, especially when writing non-fiction articles. There has to be something that encourages you for inspiration to take hold. If you receive little from your writing or have little hope of gaining something from it in the future, what that something is, there is nothing that will encourage or inspire you to continue producing similar types of work.

Updated on July 19, 2018

Original Article:

Seven Inspirational Quotes That Will Encourage Your Writing
By Natalie Frank

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