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Your Little Action Could Make A History



Little kindness of a man

Little love and care

Make honorable in all,

Make a peaceful land

And as Paradise.

Little sympathy of a man

Little drop tears for Allah,

Make honorable in all,

Make as rose in Eyes of others

Even in the Eye of God.

Little Ink of Pen

Little read a book, drop a line

Make honorable in all

Make history even change

Seen! Nothing power as Pen and Book!.

Little action of a man

Little sincerity

Make honorable in all

Nothing more than that

Even success knock at your door!.

But little harsh words of a man

Little war, enmity and hostility

Make ugly and unworthy in all

No value and respect on Earth

Even in the Eye of God.

O People Listen!

Your little actions:

Sympathy, love and care,

Drop tears for Allah

Sincerity, kindness

Make a history on You!

Your little action and sincerity

Make a history as little drop of water

Make a big ocean

Ink and Pen will be tired!

Even reader to read

History that You made!

But be sincere:

Whatever you do good!

~Sana Ullah Wazir


© 2021 Sana Ullah Wazir2

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