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You Are My Love

Ganeswar is an author, poet, blogger, tech enthusiast, and travel addict.


You came into my life

Opening the window of my heart

With full of mystery

When I was alone

You flowed a river of water

In the very mid summer

Appeased my mind

With your heartily affections.

You were a bird of passage

Open-hearted and free from clouds

I was sad

You made me a fort of pleasure

With your apparently pleasing words

When I was in the pitch of dark

You showed me the way in shining rays.

When I was pathless

You came calling a sweet melody

Pleased my distressed heart

With color and joy

Poured my life with meaning.

My life was an unorganized routine

Until you came along

And made it organized

Now the buds booms

To attract my mind

The wind whispers into my ears

Ruffles my hairs

The clouds jazz in the sky

The butterflies flutter

The peacocks sing

And telling me

You are fortunate

Now my mind strikes a lot

Where am I? Who am I?

What happened to me

Am I born or reborn?

Once I was against the cult

Today I wander from temple to church

To thank

Who gave me you.

Your unfettered youth

Womanly grace

Surely informing my fickle mind

You love me so much

With your beginning song

And divine life

You are surely a blessing

That transformed my life

Into full of love and romance

Happiness and pleasure

You are nothing but

You are my love.


© 2018 Ganeswar Sahoo

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