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The Drawing is My Picture


The drawing he made right after I gave my picture to him.

I still recall, the promises you made before

I believed because I love you more

You said you will marry me,

But I'm surprise one day

I received the picture of your wedding day.

I don't like to view it

That's why I told myself

It's a fake, but clearly your image appear

You are a big liar

That's the end of everything.

I'm sad and I',m cry, after crying I realized,

Nothing will happen into my life

If i still continue my loneliness,

The clock never turning back again

The time still running faster and I wasted my time to remain

You gave your fine arts

It's work by your work hand,

Every time I saw it

I still recall to our happy relationship

The souvenir that you gave.

I decided to return it

All memories that witness

To our happy relationship and acquaintances

The work of fine arts that you gave

Your drawing for me That I rate it excellent

Your souvenir was your drawing,

The curving of it almost the same

From the original pattern

My picture that I was given to you before

That was your model

I want to move on

The reason why I want return it all

The memories that you had given to me

But how could it be?

The souvenir that you made, was you make the drawing of my image.

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